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Holidays round-up

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Dec. 31st, 2007 | 09:31 am
posted by: smallpox in huzzahgoods

Thanks to all the customers, craft fair organizers, bloggers, advertisers, and other word-geter-outers that made this such a fun, hectic, successful holiday season. Expectations were surpassed that I actually ended up not being able to ship out some orders in time for Christmas, which kind of really sucks. Bazaar Bizarre was also delightful. After almost two years of selling stuff on the Internet, putting my tees in front of actual people and seeing their real-life reactions was slightly exhilarating. There's nothing quite like seeing a person's eyes light up when they see somthing they really like.

Oh! And I forgot to mention that I picked up my first wholesale retailer. Huzzah Goods is now available in Sausalito Ferry in Sausalito, CA. Bay Area folks should go check it out and find all manner of superfun apparel and accessories.

And if things go my way, look for these tees in many more fine boutiques in the coming year. Hopefully I'll show up at more live events too. Bring on 2008!

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